• WrapADoodle Doo Ratchet Strap Storage Spool for Excess Strap Tail NEW PRODUCT


    You are looking at a new product that is designed to wrap a 1'' to 2" wide ratchet strap into a tight manageable roll. It is especially great to wrap the tail of a strap to keep it from dragging on the road when using straps to tie down a load. It will wrap 30' to 40' of strap depending on the thickness of the webbing. This organizer is made of tough durable material that will not be brittle or crack when exposed to hot or cold weather. Wrap A Doodle Doo requires no tools to operate and can be used over and over again for years. Note: The older storage spools were purple, the newer ones are black. This offer contains a black in color storage spool.

    No more braiding, knotting, or tying the tail of your strap. This is a fast effective way to secure your strapping.

    This offer includes the storage spool as well as the directions on how to to use this item. (Straps are not included in this offer.)

    Directions for using the Wrap A Doodle Doo

    1. Feed strap into crank

    2. Wind excess strap onto spool

    3. Slide wound Wrap a doodle doo onto secured strap

    4. Lock crank down on Wrap a doodle doo and Go

    NEW NOTE: This organizer can also be used to store tow straps and in fact can be used to adjust the length of the strap. Just unwind the amount you need, letting the organizer with the remaining strap intact as you pull.

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